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koby says

i really like this game and i cant wait to play it.

Shiny says

The Game wont start why ? The Message ERROR in action number 1 of Other Event: Game Start for object obj_gameStart: Error defining an external function.

k.a.b says

how the (very bad word) did you make this masterpiece ?

maxime fradet says

il aurai t-il un jour une sortie en cartouche limité ?

Bex says

Could it be possible to put this on a flash cart and use the 4 way adapter for the dmg?I'd adore that

Gustavo says

this game is AWESOME

Anton says

I Hope i get to play this game

Ssonic says

Any plans to create a way to player make custom leveks and characthers for it?

Noah Stangle says

You should try to make a GameBoy rom of this! This game is amazing!

RajmondMate says

this looks so cool

Renato Fox says

Que cool

Jay Jay says

would be awesome if this became a rom hack but amazing work none the less

Matt Henderson says

would be awesome if it was a real gameboy rom hack, but still great

Ed says

great game, would like to see more characters but still super fun

ace says

i like that it is a retro game NICE

link8 says


Sam says

i wish you could one one character and that is jigglypuff

Duo says

Cute Gameboy theme, but sprites on the Gameboy are only 3 colors, not 4.

Jesse Clift says

Great game! Can't wait to see what else you make and congrats on Rivals of Aether!

Brayden says

You should add a android version of this game.