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iury says

this is the best smash bros i played in my life

mimida21 says

i am not gonna lie, it's actually good, to be honest, i didn't play super smash bros in my life, I DIDN'T EVEN BUY WII U, but this game is great. 9/10

Mike says

i wish it was on steam.. :v

Sauske Higurashi says

An absolutely, without a doubt, beautiful game! Sure, it has a small collection of content, but still satisfying enough to make it a good game. 10/10!

Others says

hello I am others and I say a lot of stuff

Dabby says

I've seen a lot of great reviews for this game, and I bet its awesome!

NicoNexus says

Wow.....This is literally SSB on a gameboy with the controls of a gameboy AND is very unique! Astonishing Job!

RajmondMate says


GuyZamdvais says

Nice game

thomas says

I am currently downloading this game and I I've heard about this on Youtube several times and it sounds like a cool concept. I'm so excited for it to download.

GiratiSonic says

This game is really cool! I like it! But, maybe a ".gb" version? With a Game Boy emulator? It can be very cool!

Sentry says

This game is so good. Good job!

Tukty says


HeitorFilipeGT says

Dude I loved your game why do not you make this game for advance boy game because I would buy

Benjamin Jewkes says

Hey. I know this isn't really a comment on the game, I just didn't know how else to contact you about this game. I decided to make a custom sheet of Samus in this game's style based on the Mario sheet. Would it be all right for me to post it to Spriter's Resource.

Evo_AuraYT says

Perfect for my channel

Frag says

A well executed and interesting concept. Kudos!

Neo says

Awesome game dude.

THE Kirby says

There's gonna be a Rome Hack ?

Chaotic Good Bard says

Wow, I'm amazed you got it to run so smoothly given the limitations!