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pep says

it would be really cool if you ported it to mobile or rom

PowerfulSlash says

this is awesome

Soren says

SO I used to play this game back in middle school. I've been playing RoA for a while and I decided to come back. I can't believe I forgot about this gem. I just want to say thank you Dan and company for bringing both this, and RoA to life!

Tukty says

Android or ROM version Please

TheGameBoyUltimate says

It would be VERY cool if you could turn this into a rom, as then it would fix the mac problems, as well as giving iOS and Android support

JimTim24 says

Just got a windows computer so happy to start playing.

Amman says


Kenton says

Ios version please

joel says

Good game I love it is like it was in the time of the 80's

Grim 734 says

There should be an android veesion