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MegaBoyX7 says

I like this game a lot... thanks for making this!

wagner says

wow it's just amazing , but i wonder how it would look like in an more pixelart style, like legend of princess,

Darren Herie says

Wow this game is just Awesome...i just love smash and other nintendo classics but this took smash to an awesome level... Kip up the good work????

Braden says

Also, thanks for turning my comment into a wall of text. Think you could make your comment system parse newlines?

Braden says

Is there a git repo/issue tracker for this game so I can properly submit feedback? Until then, I'll just post my thoughts here. This game needs the basic smash attacks. Fighting with nothing but special attacks is too tedious and kinda sucks the fun out of it. You should think about statically linking supersound and http_dll-2.1, rather than throwing them into the package. It will make the executable bigger, but it's better than making a mess out of the package. You should also think about removing Joy2Key and replacing it with a note about how awesome Joy2Key is in a README file. It will trim some bloat. You should also think about a toggle-able cheat code/user-accessible debug mode for unlocking all the characters. Maybe I don't want to spend all day trying to figure out how to unlock the last character. I see a lot of requests to make a GB/GBA rom of this. You should post something in a FAQ that explains that high-level code on top of a bunch of Microsoft libraries is completely different from a faux-GB ROM compiled from 6502 assembly. And how there's also different sound formats, size limitations, etc to think about..

Groot says

Make a rom to play gba please

Ricky says

Please make a rom version of this awsome game!!!

Rijon says

It is not compatible with the gameplay.emulator what else can i use?

David says

This game looks awsome! I really want to play this.

Isaac Edgett says

Because i really want to play it!