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DEAFL7 says


XShadowySnowX says

This game was sooo GREAT!!!! IT SO AMAZING!! Good job and keep up the great work! :D

Hunter says

me gustaría muchísimo ver un rom de gb que fuera este juego... me encanta!!

Jpablo says

The real gameboy will run this?

mar mar says


vito says

what are all characters and all locaitons can i have all characters and all locaitons in a zip file to download

Sandino says

Great game will there be any online multiplayer? Please respond... :)

Lewis says

This is really cool, a credit to everyone involved. It did get me wondering tho... Would the original GB hardware be able to run this? Seeing it running on that would be incredible.

Landen says

i think this is a great game

Brandon Derricho says

OMG! 2 Things: 1) Bravo, my friends. You have successfully made my dreams come true. 2) YOU MADE THIS IN GAME MAKER???? I NEED TO KNOW YOUR SECRETS!!! PLEASE TEACH ME SENPAI!!!