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Orbit Crafter says

This is an excellent Fan-Game that is worth playing even if it's it's own engine.

APCrazy13 says

Good Job!! Really!!!

NobleKnightSerg says

hey mates are you going to make this game as a gbc or gba rom cause it would be great to play on the road (sure i could pick up my 3ds and play smash 4, but this feels like it was made with more love then smash 4 was)

Pikachuwannabe says

Pls make a GBC ROM for this I want to play it on my phone cause I dont have a computer :(

Andrew Mandell says

I have known about this game for years but never got into it. Being a student, and being bored and falling asleep in class this game is freaking rad and I love it. If it were printed onto an actual cart I would order one for sure.

Aurélien Teyssier says

Le jeu à l'air trop bien vue que je suis fan de super smash bros

GreenGoat says

Please make an actual homebrew gameboy version of this. It would be amazing

Ian Raymond says

This looks great, I hope it gets updated more!

alin says


Justinwadley says

This a exellent game A+