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Geneworld says

Hey any chance porting this to Linux and RaspberryPi? This would be a great game to play!

speedy says

This game is very fun, the gameplay offers something that we have yet to see in the smash series, which is an offensive, projectile based gameplay

Ezzz says

(Sorry about that, had a different font enabled) Is a mobile version possible? It'd be greatly appreciated

Ezzz says

Is t???? a ??ss???? ??t??? ???s??? ??? ??????? It ????? ?? ???at?? a??????at??, ?s????a??? ?? ?t ?????? ?? ?????? emulators

Gem Carlo Ramos says

Oops bad grammar :(

Gem Carlo Ramos says

It's a great game but,it should be play on a gameboy or it can emulated so that we can play this game "on the go" but i have to admit impressed on how you made this game for retro-gamers. Oh and pls add one more character pls!

a says

what is the cheat code

a says

what is the cheat code

jarrett says

make more chacracters

Alan White says

THis is interesting ,but you should actually port it to the GB. I'd be more interested in playing it on a repro cart than playing some other annoying PC game with licensed characters. Plus it'd be a technical feast.