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GingaRunner says

This games feels nostalgic. The Super Smash Bros. vibe and the Gameboy graphics feels you were taken back to the past. 10/10

TheCharles says

Awesome!!! i play it with my friends!!! 200/10

TheGreenChkrta says

Very Enjoyable! Has Alot Of Functions, But Not Quite As Deep As I'd Like It to Be, Nevertheless, It Was Great, And Vaporeon Is The Best! Thanks Dan, For An Enjoyable, Free, Retro Version Of Smash! 10/10

PJ Spott says

It's good...but it doesn't have Fox. Nevertheless, great game! 8.5/10

Silver says

A great love letter for smash fans. Also, IT HAS FREAKING VAPOREON! Not too deep, but still very enjoyable. 9.5/10

CarlitosPP says

Good since 1989

pikaboy says

10/10 really great for smash fans

cs says


GameBoy Evolution says

It would be awesome to see it put on an actual GameBoy cart.

koji says

make this into actual gameboy kthxbai