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dino460 says

I am trying to run it but it displays a message saying that an error ocurred. Could anyone help m with that?

Elouan Guillard says

I really like this game, the music are awesome. But is it possible to make a version for Mobile (Android/IOS), with an emulator for example

Paul Jonas says

This game seems so cool, not only because that the gameboy brings back memories and childhood, but I also want to see more characters in it. But can you make and Android/iOS version of this? That would be more interesting to play.

Gabriel silva says

It seems to be cool but i only have a cellphone, you can make a version for smartphones?

Josue says

Can you made this for android i love this game.

Ruler says

This looks cool

edgarsote says

este juego es entretenido

edgarsote says

este juego es entretenido

Liam says

I want to mod this onto a real cartridge. Has anyone else done it?

voltsy says

awesome game